End of 2022 reflections – picking up where I left off

Where did I leave off? Here we are at the end of another year, and I’ve succeeded in very little posting – or much online interaction for that matter. It’s been a good thing, as it’s helped with time management. One of my focuses for 2022 has been improving time management by decreasing ‘non-productive’ time, […]

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Marrying the past with the past

Drawing is nothing new for me I’ve always loved to draw and have had a pencil in my hand as far back as I can remember (way before a guitar). As a kid, I was always drawing something- monsters, scenes from movies, animals, cartoon characters, basically my favorite things. Art was the main subject I […]

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Busy is no excuse

Being too busy is no excuse. But it’s the truth. Life has been overwhelming lately; working two jobs, real estate is busier than usual, helping our son move back to Nashville, our daughter graduates college in three weeks, and I started a drawing class from an instructor I’ve for years wanted to take a class […]

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Adios 2020

My last post was at the beginning of COVID-19. And look at us now. Ten months later. Some survived, unfortunately, some didn’t, Lord rest their souls. It’s still a global issue, hopefully, that changes in 2021. I accepted a new position at work this year. A good thing for the family. A good thing for […]

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Ol’ 55

Ol’ 55 I started this blog on this day in 2011. Today is my 55th birthday. Year 54 was a rough one Last year I spent my 54th birthday on my first day of orientation for a warehouse job. I ended up working at that job for three months. It was one of the most […]

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Dad, can you tell me a story?

I love spending Father’s Day with my wife and kids, doing absolutely nothing. For me, that’s what the day is for. For them, I should be out fishing or doing some sort of ‘relaxing activity’ (as if those two words can even be used together in the same context) that I’ve somehow earned by being […]

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