Hello 2023

It’s a new year and lots of new stuff happening.

After taking time off work to spend with family over Christmas, and spending a week with Covid-19, it’s back to a regular work schedule, and closing out any loose ends from 2022.

Finished out 2023 solid with my draw everyday challenge. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds, and some days I almost didn’t make it, but the discipline is good and it helped develop a good habit.

Action packed adventures coming up:

I got a new piece of creative gear for Christmas than I’m excited to dig into.

Taking a couple online classes on hand lettering, I have some project ideas I’m working on.

I have some new physical goals I’m pushing toward- as long as my previous shoulder and knee injuries cooperate.

Im updating the old blog post Fatherhood A to Z and turning it into a book. Target publish date is Father’s Day 2023.

Im always working on being a better man, husband, dad, and growing closer to God, and romancing my beautiful wife daily.

Looking to spend more time with friends this year. Seems like 2020 Covid life has drug on and I’ve sort of unintentionally kept myself in isolation.

Of course, life operates per God’s plan, so who knows what else may transpire in 2023, or how plans may need to be adjusted